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Banner SubTitle: Stay Updated on Our Journey in Exploring Football Through the Lens of AI and VR

Saiva Football at Sports Innovation 2024: Revolutionizing Football Analytics

In an exciting development for the world of sports technology, SAIVA (Sports AI Virtual Assistant), a pioneer in advanced football analytics, is thrilled to announce its participation in the highly anticipated Sports Innovation 2024 event in Düsseldorf.

SAIVA: The Missing Link Between Tactical Understanding and Execution

As football coaches, we're always seeking innovative ways to elevate our players' skills and understanding of the game. One concept that holds immense value in this pursuit is the Football Action Model. This framework dissects the beautiful game into three critical stages: Communication, Decision Making, and Decision Execution

Staying Game Ready: How SAIVA Revolutionizes Player Rehabilitation and Mental Sharpness

In the world of football, injuries are a sad fact that players and coaches must cope with. No matter if it is a small obstacle or a significant difficulty, the process of recovery can be exhausting both mentally and physically.