immersive coach education

Transform the way football and educators train - offering a state-of-the-art learning that harness the power of VR

SAIVA VR Coach Education transforms the way football coaches and educators train, offering a state-of-the-art interactive learning program that harnesses the power of virtual reality. This innovative tool delivers an immersive educational experience directly on the football field. It features three expertly designed modules encompassing key principles, dynamic exercises, and engaging games. SAIVA VR Coach Education is the perfect solution for coaches aiming to elevate their expertise and gain a deeper insight into the intricacies of football.

Module 1: Principles

The initial module establishes the foundational knowledge necessary for a comprehensive understanding of exercises and the game itself. We introduce 18 fundamental principles that you'll grasp through tests and interactive tasks. Dive into learning everything, from constructing a solid defense to outplaying opponent lines and transitioning swiftly. Each principle is comprehensively covered within clear scenarios to facilitate effective development. Achieve a perfect understanding within both drill and game scenarios!

Module 2: Exercises

Unlock the core of outstanding training: drills. This module provides a comprehensive overview of various drill types that empower you to foster your players' development. Delve into multiple drills, gaining profound insights into how to manipulate them for an enriched learning experience. Explore drills from different perspectives, make informed decisions on adjustments, and apply the learned principles from the preceding modules to enhance your players' growth.

Module 3: Games

The pinnacle of coaching prowess: 11vs11. True greatness in coaching lies in discerning and refining details within the live game, implementing changes that elevate the team's chances of victory! This module navigates through typical in-game scenarios like 'build up from the back,' 'Attacking against a low block,' and more, enhancing your comprehension of these crucial moments. Engage in tasks requiring you to make strategic changes, identify spaces, and develop tactics to guide your virtual team to triumph!

Advantages of our immersive Coach Education:

Learning on Demand

20 immersive Modules

60 Questions and Visualisations

15-20 Hours of Learning